Cat Boarding

Our feline spa guests stay in either executive suites or the new penthouse suite, for that extra luxury away from home.


Our cattery provides a safe and cosy stay away from home for your special friend, providing that special care when you can’t.

Our suites include a multi-levels and sleeping spots, with super soft cushions and blankets.

Penthouse suites provide that extra room to stretch the legs, personal scratching posts, and extra bedding and boxes to hide away and snuggle up in.

Penthouses and executive suite guests also enjoy a selection of toys and adventure games for play time.

All our guests enjoy time outside their suites playing on the multitude of cat gyms available throughout our cattery in the recreation areas, as well as many hidey holes for those quiet nap times that are so important when relaxing.

The health and well-being of all our guests is a priority at our spa. Our team are all cat people who are trained to take great care of your cat, so you can leave your loved one assured they will be looked after in the best possible care.

Boarding terms and conditions:

Executive suite:  $18 per day, per cat.

Unfortunately two cats can NOT share an executive suite.


Penthouse suite: $27 per day, per cat.

Two companion cats can share a penthouse suite. When 2 cats share a penthouse suite one cat is charged at $27 per day and the other at $15 per day.

Extra charges apply for public holidays.


Days are charged from 10am to 10am the following day. Cats picked up after 10am will be charged boarding for that day.


Saturday drop off and pick up is between 8am and 12pm. 

Sunday drop off and pick up is between 4pm and 5pm.

It is not possible to pick up and drop off outside these times. If you would like to pick up or drop off within this time it is essential to book, we cannot guarantee a staff member to be present at this time if you have not booked. 

All cats must have up to date vaccination status, adults must have been vaccinated within the last 12 months, and young cats* must have had their 3rd kitten booster at least 2 weeks before boarding. We recommend that all cats are vaccinated for FeLV and FIV before staying in the cattery and accept no responsibility if cats are not vaccinated for these diseases. For more information please consult our staff.

Even though every care is taken, all cats are left at the owners risk and no responsibility is accepted for accidental injury or health issues while boarding.

In the event that an owner cannot be contacted and a cat requires emergency treatment, the duty veterinarian shall engage emergency treatment at their discretion. The owner accepts that in this situation they shall be liable for any fees occurred.

*Minimum age accepted into our cattery is 18 weeks.


Cats in the gym area of Cooks Hill vet Clinic
Play area for cats, kittens while they stay at Cooks Hill Vet Clinic
Cattery at Cooks Hill Vet Clinic, Newcastle
Cattery accommodation at Cooks Hill Vetr Clinic, Newcastle