Tips to keep your dog mentally stimulated

We all know that unstimulated (aka bored) dogs can lead to undesirable behaviour such at digging and chewing. Below are some tips to keep your dog entertained while home alone: Frozen ice blocks: Summer is a great time to leave your dog with a giant ice block. Use chicken or beef stock and freeze it in an ice cream container - your dog will have a long lasting lick block. Kongs: these are great time consuming treats. Fill a Kong with beef stock or peanut butter and freeze it overnight - for more great ideas visit Kong Company’s awesome website. Treasure hunt: scatter liver treats or your dog’s kibble around the garden creating a treasure hunt. They will pick up the trail and spend time searching for them. Background noise: leave the radio on so your dog has some background noise to help pass the time. Talk back radio or classical music is perfect for soothing canine nerves. Photos sourced from:

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