Did you know that we have a cattery in clinic?

Here at Cooks Hill Veterinary Clinic we offer cat boarding.

There are two types of suites available, a penthouse suite (see left) and an executive suite (see right).

Penthouse: $25 a day for one cat $40 a day for two cats The penthouse is roof high, and has multiple levels for your cat to climb and hide. The penthouse is suitable for up to two cats, and for cats staying for long periods.

Executive: $16 a day The executive suite has three levels, so the toilet/feeding area can be seperated from the sleeping area. The executive suite is suitable for one cat only.

We have a large play room at the front of our cattery (can be seen from the Darby Street) where we rotate cats from the executive suites so they can have a better opportunity to exercise and play.

We supply a diet of Hills Prescription Urinary Care C/D Stress biscuits, as well as many other Hills Prescription diets, unless own food is supplied.

We use Feliway diffusers and sprays in our cattery to help minimise and manage stress.

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