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Meet Macey

Macey is a 4 month old, female Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Macey was presented to us on 1st August when her owners had noticed that she was limping on her hind leg. After a physical examination and x-rays it was established that Macey had torn the tendon (patella tendon) off the bone that attaches the tendon to the knee cap. There was a small piece of bone with the tendon. See x-ray 1. Surgery was performed to put things back together and re-attach the tendon and bone chip to the lower long leg bone ( the Tibia). Darren placed 2 pins in a cross through the small piece of bone to the top of the Tibia and then a figure 8 wire through a hole in the Tibia and around the pins. See x-ray 2. Macey had to be kept quiet and not allowed to jump up for 4 weeks, which is no mean feet for a 4 month old Staffie! We are happy to report that Macey’s owner were fantastic and managed to contain her enthusiasm enough to get things to mend together. She is now using the leg and running around like a normal puppy and never had a patella tendon ripped off the Tibia bone. 

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