Cooks Hill Veterinary Clinic: July Hero of the Month

Meet Bomba

Bomba is an eleven-month-old, female desexed, Lagotto.

You might recognise Bomba from hero of the month in May, when she underwent a patella correct surgery on her right hind leg.

Well, Bomba recently had to undergo her second patella corrections surgery, this time for her left hind leg.

She has been so brave during both procedures, we figured she deserved hero of the month again.

Patella luxation is one of the most common orthopaedic condition in dogs occurring in nearly 10% of all puppies.

Over 50% of dogs that suffer a luxating patella are affected in both legs.

A luxating patella is a condition where the patella (kneecap) intermittently or permanently sits outside of the groove in which it should sit. When the patella is out of the groove it may cause an unstable joint and the dog often holds its back leg up. Over time, this constant moving of the kneecap can cause arthritis and pain.

The corrective procedure involves a general anaesthetic and orthopaedic surgery to deepen the patella groove to keep the patella in place.

During the recovery period of approximately 8-12 weeks, home care (including strict rest and pain management) is extremely important.

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