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Facing the diagnosis of cancer in your pet can be a very upsetting and overwhelming experience. Our Vets will discuss all possible treatments available and what they involve. The type of treatment involved varies depending on the location, type, and stage of cancer. The main therapies used to treat animals with cancer involve chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, and immunotherapy.  Your pet may be referred to an external oncology specialist depending on the treatment they require. 

Referral and Specialist Clinics 

Small Animal Specialist Hospital (SASH) 


SASH is a small animal specialist hospital located in Sydney and on the Central Coast.  

They offer a range of specialist services including anaesthesia, avian and exotics, cardiology, critical care, canine and feline blood bank, dermatology, hydrotherapy, neurology and neurosurgery, oncology, ophthalmology, physiotherapy, pituitary centre, radiology, reproduction, sports medicine and rehabilitation.  

We often refer to SASH for oncology (diagnosis and treatment of cancer) and ophthalmology (diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the eye).  

etic at Cooks Hill Vet Clinic, this is due to the fact that kidney and liver function may begin to decline at this age despite there being no outward signs of deterioration.

Animal Referral and Emergency Centre (AREC) 


AREC is an animal referral and emergency centre located in Broadmeadow.  

They offer a range of referral services including dermatology, emergency and critical care (including after hours and public holidays), comprehensive surgery (orthopaedics, neurology, cardiothoracic, oncology, soft tissue), and advanced imaging (CT, MRI, x-ray, ultrasound).  

We often refer to AREC for overnight monitoring and imaging (MRI and CT scans). 


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