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Giving your new puppy the best possible start in life is vital. Here at Cooks Hill Vet Clinic our Puppy School will help you gain this.

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Puppyhood is a very important time in a dog’s life. Socialisation with other young dogs and people is crucial in these early months of life. At our classes your puppy will experience this socialisation in a safe, calm and controlled environment.


Course Outline:

  • Dogs in nature – Background information about dogs’ natural “pack” behaviour and how this can help you to understand many of the behaviours displayed by your new puppy.

  • Socialisation – Why socialisation is so important to your puppy’s development and how to safely go about ensuring that your puppy is well socialised.

  • Toilet training – Effective techniques for toilet training your puppy at home.

  • Managing problem behaviours – Why they can occur and how to use positive reinforcement to minimise problem behaviours such as chewing, digging, jumping up etc.

  • Training – The importance of training your puppy’s development.  Where, when and how to train your puppy.

  • Preventative medicine – An outline of the preventative medicines currently available and which ones are important for your puppy.

  • Fleas – What’s effective, what’s not and how to avoid a flea explosion in your household.

  • Diet and feeding – Recommendations for when, where, how often and what to feed your new puppy.

  • Grooming – Brushing, bathing, nail clipping.  When to start and what needs to be done for your individual puppy.  How to introduce your puppy to being groomed without them becoming afraid.

  • Missing dogs – What to do if your new puppy goes missing.  Effective ways of locating a lost puppy.

  • Hospital tour – Catch a glimpse of what it’s like “behind the scenes” at Cooks Hill Vet Clinic.





Our classes are kept small, allowing time for lots of questions
and answers.

For more information about Cooks Hill Vet Puppy School please give us a call 4925 2999.

We look forward to meeting you and your new puppy and sharing this special time with you.

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