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Puppy Pre-School

Giving your new puppy the best possible start in life is vital. Here at Cooks Hill Vet Clinic our Puppy School will help you gain this.

Puppyhood is a particularly important time in a dog’s life. Socialisation with other young dogs and people is crucial in these early months of life as it encourages them to grow into a confident and happy adult, with a decreased chance of anxiety or aggression. 

At our classes, your puppy will experience this socialisation in a safe, calm, and controlled environment.

Our puppy preschool is run by our amazing all-rounder Veterinary Nurse Amelia. 


About our Puppy Preschool

We offer a course of four sessions, each running for approximately one hour. Our classes are held in clinic, at 6:30pm every
Wednesday OR Thursday night*.


Our course allows puppies to play together in small groups, helping to learn good manners and to play without being
aggressive, and allows owners to lean the basics of general puppy care and behavioural training. 

You will receive a digital copy of our Puppy Preschool Booklet, which contains all information discussed during the course. 

We welcome puppies aged eight to sixteen weeks of age at our puppy preschool. 

All puppies must have had atleast their first vaccination before they are able to attend puppy preschool.


Course Outline 

Week one will cover:

  • Positive reinforcement training e.g. the use of food, toys, and your voice to praise the puppy 

  • Negative reinforcement training e.g. using a low tone of voice and never using physical punishment 

  • Basic commands such as:

  • Sit 

  • Down

  • Stay

  • Biting and chewing

  • Toilet training techniques

  • Socialisation

  • Puppy play time 


Week two will cover:

  • Nutrition

  • Dental care  

  • Grooming  

  • Recall  

  • Practice commands 

  • Puppy play time 


Week three will cover: 

  • Enrichment and mental stimulation 

  • Separation anxiety and common fears in dogs 

  • Handling  

  • Teach various tricks 

  • Roll over

  • Shake

  • Touch 

  • Preventative medications 

  • Vaccination regime

  • Parasite (flea, tick, worm) prevention

  • Walking on a lead 

  • Practice techniques as a group 

  • Puppy play time


Week four will cover:

  • De-sexing 

  • Further training options 



What should I bring?

Please bring your puppy, a collar/harness, and a lead. We will provide treats for the class, however if your puppy prefers a specific treat or food, we encourage you to bring that along.

Make sure not to feed your puppy dinner before class, that way they are willing to work for their reward. 

Sign me up!

Our classes are kept small, allowing time for lots of questions. So make sure you book in quick!

Speak to the friendly staff at Cooks Hill Veterinary Clinic to secure a spot for you puppy at our Puppy Preschool. 

We look forward to meeting you and your new puppy and sharing this special time with you.

Phone: 02 4925 2999


*Attendance by booking only. 





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