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Cooks Hill Veterinary Clinic is located in the heart of Newcastle on Darby St, Cooks Hill.


At Cooks Hill Veterinary Clinic, we are committed to providing the highest quality animal care for your pet. We provide an array of veterinary services including free puppy meet and greets, vaccinations, microchipping, routine and non-routine surgical procedures, dentistry (including dental x-rays), nutritional advice, preventative medicine, as well as cat boarding and puppy preschool. 

We are a small animal hospital, meaning we are a dog friendly and cat friendly clinic. Unfortunately, we do not treat pocket pets or exotic pets. 

We are equipped with the most state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, including a full in-house pathology system, x-ray and dental x-ray machinery, excellent anaesthetic equipment with ultra-sensitive monitoring equipment for extra safety with anaesthetics, and class leading dental equipment.

We offer a full cat boarding facility, which provides your cat with a safe and comfortable home away from home, with daily cleaning, feeding, and cuddles, so you can rest easy knowing that your cat is safe while you are away. 

Our friendly team of staff are all pet owners and animal lovers. Our priority is the wellness of your pet. We understand how it feels when your pet is not well, and we will do everything possible to ensure your pet lives a healthy and happy life.  

Cooks Hill Veterinary Clinic works closely with other specialist clinics, including the Veterinary Dermatology Clinic, Newcastle Veterinary Ultrasound, the Animal Referral and Emergency Centre (AREC) and the Small Animal Specialist Hospital (SASH), to ensure that our patients receive the best vet care possible.


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Meet Vinnie  
6.5 year old Cattle Dog  

Vinnie had surgery to repair his right cranial cruciate ligament in July, and recently had surgery to repair his left cranial cruciate ligament. These surgeries were both performed by Dr Darren Gibbins at Cooks Hill Veterinary Clinic.

- Did you know that in dogs with one cruciate problem, there is a 50-70% chance that the other knee will  have the same problem within weeks to years of the first one!

The cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) is one of the main stabilizing structures of the knee joint in the hind limbs of dogs. It is a rope-like structure inside the joint that acts as a stabiliser of the knee, ensuring that the tibia and femur are properly aligned during all forms of activity. 

Contributing factors of Cranial Cruciate Ligament Disease (CCLD) include degeneration (aging of the ligament), poor physical condition i.e. obesity, genetics, and breed. CCLD often results in the rupture of the CCL. Rupture of the CCL is one of the most common reasons for hind limb pain and lameness in dogs and can be experienced in different degrees of rupture.

Symptoms include limping, holding up the hind leg, pain when joint is touched or moved, swelling of the joint, stiffness, lack of activity. 

Surgical intervention is often required when a dog experiences a CCL rupture (partial or complete). 

Here at Cooks Hill Veterinary Clinic, Dr Darren Gibbins uses the Tightrope CCL technique to repair the CCL.


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Cat Lying

Peter Hartigan

Thank you for all your help and guidance with our new puppy Daisy. You are a wealth of knowledge. I am sure Daisy is in great hands now you and your professional team are there for her.

Ella Dickinson

Our deepest thanks for the kindness, empathy and care you showed our boy Henny John.. as well as us

Justin, Sarah & Jacqui

I can't thank the team enough for the professionalism and dignity you gave our Roxi

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Cooks Hill Veterinary Clinic is a comprehensive and compassionate animal hospital, providing a full range of services. We welcome patients in need of routine medical and surgical care, as well as emergency treatment cases.

Our priority is the wellness of your pet!