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Flashback Friday

Meet Monster and Rexy.

Rexy has been a client of ours for almost two years now. Back in April Rexy got to welcome a sister into his family after his Mum adopted a stray kitten (Monster) that we had in our care.

Monster was handed in to us in clinic in March, as a 4-6 week old kitten, after being found in an abandoned unit. Upon arrival she was covered in fleas, underweight and we suspected that she had worms. We bathed her, treated her for fleas and worms, vaccinated and microchipped her.

Once she was in a healthy state, we were quickly able to find Monster her new forever home, with a little help from Rexy who instantly decided his mum should take her home. Rexy and Monster have developed a strong bond for one another, Rexy didn't even mind when Monster had her recovery collar on after her desexing surgery.

Thankyou to everyone who has desexed their animals. There are so many unwanted strays already roaming the streets, desexing your pets is a great way to prevent this from worsening. We recommend getting your fur baby desexed at 5-6 months of age.

And thank you to anyone that has brought in a stray to us or RSPCA or any other clinic. We love being able to help give strays a better chance at life by finding them a loving home, just like we were able to do for Monster.

Pictured are Rexy and Monster when Monster first came home, and after Monster's desexing.

Please note Monster and Rexy's family have given us permission to post these photo's.

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