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Meet Tobi (the stray worth 5k)

Tobi was presented to us as a stray cat who had been hit by a car on the 14th of December.

Upon arrival she was treated for shock with oxygen and fluid therapy, as well as pain relief. It was established that she had a major fractures in both of her legs, as well as compromised breathing due to chest injuries. Once she was stabilized, we were able to establish a treatment plan.

Unfortunately Tobi was not micro-chipped and, despite our efforts, we were unable to find an owner. We therefore took it upon ourselves to treat her pro bono (as Dr Darren says, this was a LOVE job).

Dr Darren (Veterinary surgeon), with help from Nurse Emily (anaesthetic monitoring and recovery) and Nurse Jessie (surgical nurse and camera crew) and Vet student Sarah (surgical assistant), performed surgery on Tobi yesterday (20th December).

Darren needed to remove the top of her Femur from the right side and place a plate on her left femur. The left side was particularly difficult because the fracture was very low on the bone and there wasn't much room to put screws into the bone to hold the plate firm. Despite these difficulties, the surgery was very successful and has left us very hopeful that Tobi will make a full recovery, all be it, she may do a quirky little turn on the catwalk.

Tobi now needs to rest, which will include 6 weeks of rest in the cage at Cooks Hill Vet Clinic to let the fractures heal. She doesn't seem to mind though, she has been getting lots of positive attention (including pats, smooches and cuddles) from all the staff, and hasn't stopped purring.

Stay tuned for more of our little furry hero's story as she recovers here in our clinic with us.

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