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Meet Gucci 🐾

In December 2018 Gucci fell from a 4th floor balcony and was lucky enough to land on her feet. Unfortunately, her head kept going and hit the ground fracturing her left and right mandible (lower jaw). See x-ray 1. Surgery was performed, and involved placing a bone pin down either side of the lower mandible, but this was not enough to stabilise the fracture. A further stabilising wire was placed around the lower canine teeth and through a hole drilled through the lower jaw (see x-rays 2 and 3). The fracture had to be stabilised perfectly or Gucci wouldn’t be able to chew properly ever again. This took several attempts, but finally all was right and the jaw opened and closed correctly. Gucci was off to recovery and after a few days in hospital eating soft food she was off home for recovery. Approximately 5 weeks after the first surgery, and the fracture had healed a second surgery was performed to remove all the hardware and let Gucci chew without bits of wire through her jaw. Recently Gucci had a 6-month check-up and has been given the all clear. She is happy and healthy, as if nothing ever happened Photos 1 and 2: Gucci recently after the fall. You can see external wounds on her jaw. Photos 3-5: x-rays pre and post surgery. Photos: 6-8 photos from Gucci’s 6 month check up. 

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