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Meet Sundance

Sundance is an (almost) 2-year-old, male Domestic Shorthair Feline. Sundance presented to us on the 27th of July after falling from a fifth story balcony. A physical examination established that Sundance was suffering from a thoracic injury and shock. X-rays revealed bilateral pneumothorax (two collapsed lungs, due to air leaking into the space between the lung and chest wall putting pressure on the lung and making it collapse). A butterfly catheter was placed in the thorax, allowing air to be removed from the chest (150ml from right side and 20ml from left side). After this Sundance was much more stable, although due to his injuries he would still require supportive care, including oxygen therapy (by being placed in an oxygen cage), fluid therapy, and hospitalisation for close monitoring. Sundance was referred to the Animal Referral and Emergency Centre where he would could be monitored closely over the weekend. Sundance spent the next few days between our clinic (for daily check-ups) and home of a night with his family. On the 31st of July Sundance was finally stable enough to be given the all clear to stay at home. Sundance’s family have informed us that he is doing great, and that he is even more cuddly than before the accident. 

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