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Arthritis or osteoarthritis is the irreversible and progressive deterioration of joints that causes pain and a reduction in joint motion. It affects dogs and cats of all ages but predominantly pets greater than 10 years of age. Risk factors: - Genetic predisposition - Intense activity - Trauma - Joint surgery - Excess body weight - Senior pets Common signs of arthritis in a dogs and cats: - Stiffness - Difficulty jumping or climbing stairs - Difficulty rising from lying down - Vocalization - Poor coat from decreased grooming - Long nails from less movement Keys to successful arthritis management involves: - Pain management - Controlled exercise - Weight control - Nutritional supplements Tips to help manage pets with arthritis: - A warm environment as colder weather can worsen symptoms - Ramps onto the couch or bed so that the pet does not have to jump - Avoid stairs - Avoid slippery surfaces such as tiles - Regular grooming to help maintain healthy coat - Regular nail trims - Weight loss to take excessive pressure off the joints If you are worried that your pet is suffering with Arthritis, call us on 49252999 and one of our wonderful Veterinarians will assist in establishing an appropriate arthritis management program to help improve your pet's quality of life. For more information:


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