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Cooks Hill Veterinary Clinic Hero of the Month August

Joey is a rescue kitten currently under the care of Hunter Animal Rescue.

He is approximately seven months of age, and sadly has not had the smoothest start to life.

Joey was a stray handed in to the local pound with a broken leg, it is unknown exactly how he broke his leg, it is possible he fell off a balcony or got hit by a car. He was then taken on by Hunter Animal Rescue.

We collaborated with Hunter Animal Rescue to repair Joey’s leg and desex him so he could be rehabilitated and rehomed.

X-rays revealed Joey had a fracture of his Femur, which is the upper long bone in the back leg. The break was in the middle of the Femur and was best treated with a plate and screws internally against the bone to hold the leg in place so it could mend correctly.

Dr Darren performed corrective surgery on Joey on the 2nd of August, and we were all amazed by how well Darren was able to realign and plate the leg (see photos attached of the before and after radiographs).

Joey has been very brave and is making a wonderful recovery, the hardest thing now is to get him to slow down! He even has a trial set up with his possible new fur-ever home!


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