Cooks Hill Veterinary Clinic: December Hero of the Month

Meet Boogie

Boogie is an 8 month old Staffy cross who was presented to us in December after becoming suddenly lame after a visit to the park.

After a physical examination and radiographs, it was established that Boogie had a fracture through his distal proximal phalanx 5th digit on his left forefoot (the bone at the tip of his outer left toe on his left forefoot)

Unfortunately it was established that the fracture was too close to the middle interphalyngeal joint for internal fixation, so the treatment options were: 1. Splint for 4-6 weeks with weekly changes. May get a non-union as it is very difficult to keep absolutely stable and may need to amputate 2. Toe amputation: should have no long term problems and will not affect ambulation

After much discussion, it was decided to go with option two and Boogie was booked in for a toe amputation the following day.

Boogie's surgery went really well and he was a very brave boy while in hospital! His toe was amputated and his foot was bandaged to keep the wound clean and dry, and prevent licking. Boogie then had to come back every other day for the next week for a bandage change and wound check, after a week the bandage could remain off.

The sutures were removed twelve days post surgery, and his wound had healed wonderfully, you could hardly tell there was ever a toe there!

Boogie has made a remarkable recovery, and is happier than ever!

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