Are your pets protected against ticks?

We are well an truly in tick season now, so it is very important to ensure that your fur babies are up to date with their tick prevention.

A bit about ticks:

There are three main ticks to be aware of in Australia: - Paralysis Tick - Brown Dog Tick - Bush Tick

Paralysis ticks are the highest concern as they can be life-threatening.

Paralysis ticks symptoms: - loss of coordination, particularly in the hind legs - retching or vomiting - changes in voice or bark - laboured breathing - paralysis to both hind and forelegs

Searching for a tick: Run your fingers across the skin, moving in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Don’t forget to check folds of skin, the tops of legs, in the ears, on the lips/gums, on the tail and around the belly. The size of the tick will depend on how long it has been attacked. Please see the attached photo (sourced from:…/0013/160321/Paralysis-Ticks.pdf) for visual reference.

Prevention is key! We recommend using Nexgard, Nexgard Spectra, or Bravecto Chews/Spot-ons for tick prevention for dogs, and Bravecto Spot-on for tick prevention for cats. Please see the attached table for product information/comparison.

If you are worried that your pet might have a tick, please call us immediately on (02) 4925 2999, and bring your pet in for a tick search!

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