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With temperatures of over 40 degrees expected in the Hunter region this week, our staff here at Cooks Hill Vet believe its an opportune time to remind you of the dangers of heat stroke for your pets. Heat stroke, or hyperthermia, results in your pet's body temperature rising above the normal level. It can develop rapidly, even on days that aren't excessively hot. Signs of heat stroke can include: excessive panting, difficulty breathing, depression, difficulty walking as well as diarrhoea and seizures. Factors that may predispose your pet to heat stroke can include: exercise, water deprivation and being overweight. Brachycephalic breeds such as bulldogs, pugs and staffys, are generally more susceptible to heat stress. A major risk factor, and huge no no, is dogs that have been left in cars. Heat stroke truly is an emergency and dogs and cats require urgent veterinary care including cooling, fluid therapy and supportive care. So please take extra care of all your fur babies!! 🐾 

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