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Cooks Hill Veterinary Clinic: October Hero of the Month

Cooks Hill Veterinary Clinic is the only veterinary clinic in Newcastle with a dedicated pet health care. We're dedicated to providing the best possible care for your pets.
Cooks Hill Veterinary Clinic : Hero of the Month

Maisie is a seven and a half year old Springer spaniel.

Maisie presented to us with signs of paralysis and regurgitation/vomiting on the 13th of October, after her owners had recently relocated from the ACT area (where paralysis ticks are very rare).

After obtaining a thorough history and completing a physical examination it was discovered that Maisie had multiple paralysis ticks over her body.

Maisie received a full tick clip (short all over to search for and remove any ticks), and treatment began immediately.

Maisie's treatment involved tick antivenom, Bravecto (to help kill any remaining or any future ticks), intravenous fluid therapy, antiemetics/gastroprotectants to minimise regurgitation, antibiotics for possible aspiration pneumonia, sedation to help reduce stress, and constant monitoring.

Maisie spent a total of three days between Cooks Hill Veterinary Clinic and the Animal Referral and Emergency Centre (for overnight monitoring) before she was stable enough to go home.

Maisie has made remarkable recovery, and is back to her normal happy and healthy self. We are so proud of how brave her and her owners were during her time in hospital.

A bit about paralysis ticks:

Paralysis ticks are one of the most dangerous ticks, they contain a toxin that when injected can cause paralysis which can be life-threatening. They are mainly found in the east coast of Australia, and live in bushy areas and long grass.

Signs of tick paralysis:

- Weakness

- Collapse

- Vomiting or retching

- Difficulty breathing

- Change in voice

Prevention is the best cure, as treatment can be a long and costly process, and recovery isn't always guaranteed.

We highly recommend:

- Bravecto spot on: available for cats and dogs. Lasts six months for dogs, 3 months for cats.

- Bravecto chew: available for dogs. Lasts three months. - Nexgard/Nexgard spectra: available for dogs. Lasts one month.

Other tips for tick prevention:

- Before visiting tick-prone areas, even only for short periods, use preventatives.

- Have long-haired pets clipped to make it easier to find ticks.

- Check pets for ticks every day.


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