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Welcome to the autumn season! This is a wonderful time of year, but there are just a few seasonal considerations we need to remember. The weather is starting to get cooler, leaves are changing colour and falling from trees, and the humidity has decreased. Changes in your pet's environment can lead to some common allergies or irritations. Here are five tips for keeping your pet comfortable and stress-free in Autumn:.


1. Be sure to feed them the right amount of food appropriate for the animal's age.

2. If you notice your pet getting worried before you go out or having made a mess when you get back, they may have separation anxiety—this can be treated with training and some anti-anxiety medication.

3. Arthritis can cause discomforting reduce mobility—keep an eye out for signs like limping, stiffness, or reluctance to jump up on things or climb stairs. Nobody wants to see their best friend in pain. That's why it's so important to keep your pet happy and healthy as they age.

4. Keep animals entertained indoors with toys or puzzles—especially while they're recovering from an injury or illness!

5. Have a safe autumn by ensuring that your dog is properly trained and responds to its name when called, and keep cats indoors during this time of year so they don't get into any altercations with other animals in your neighborhood.


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